the fourth is strong in this town

lunch lady Houstonians of all ages will have no difficulty finding something to do today especially if they   like books, comics or Star Wars. First off, there is the Children’s Book Celebration  at the downtown branch of the Houston Public Library (500 McKinney, 77002). Kids attending this event will enjoy arts and crafts, music, a petting zoo, a velcro wall, a mad science activity and even books. The highlight of the  celebration will be a presentation by Jarrett Krosoczk, author and illustrator of the Punk Farm picture books and the Lunch Lady graphic novel series.

And speaking of comic books, today is Free Comic Book Day. No that doesn’t mean you can get any comic book you want for free. What it means is that select comic book speciality shops will be offering a selection of free promotional comics for free in order to entice customers to try new titles (or to start reading comics in the first place), Selection will vary by  store (as will the policy on how many you can take), so be sure to hit up multiple stores. I recommend trying some of the different locations of Bedrock City Comic Company. For suggestions on what to look for while you are there, read Heidi MacDonald’s picks over on The Beat.

I know, by now you wondering if there is some way this day could get any geekier. Well never fear, for today is not only Free Comic Book Day, but also Unofficial Star Wars Day. The fourth of May was chosen for this purpose because of the pun, May the Fourth be With You. And if you are wondering what you can do to celebrate this awesome holiday, wonder no more, because Houston has not one but two huge Star Wars themed parties tonight. The first is The Second Annual Star Wars Exhibition: War’Hous Strikes Back at War’Hous Gallery (4715 Main Street, 77002) features an art exhibition curated by Dandee Warhol. The other one is May the Fourth Be With You, A Starry Wars Themed Event hosted by Southmore House Presents at Joystix (1520 Franklin, 77002) which features an art show as well and also promises the longest live version of the Star Wars cantina song. If you are not sure which Star Wars party to attend, don’t worry, just attend both. They are close enough together that you do not a Millenium Falcon with hyper drive to make it so (See what I did there?)

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